3533 SE 39th Ave. Portland, Oregon

Phone: 503-727-3580

E-mail: assc.owner@yahoo.com



Safe, Sane, & Consensual Is Our Motto Here @ Angels

We are one of the largest alternative lifestyle social clubs on the west coast, and Portland’s oldest running private social club. Now in our 15th-year, our newly remodeled 10,000 square foot lifestyle social club warmly welcomes you.

Angels Club is a private “on-premise” lifestyle social club which allows those who wish to take socializing further the amenities to fulfill those fantasies. We reserve the right to refuse membership based on several criteria including overall appearance and conduct. Your membership will be denied and/or revoked if your conduct or appearance is not suited for the club. This policy allows us more discretion in recruiting and retaining quality members.

Attendance to Friday-night parties have a ratio of men: women less then 1.5:1, while Saturday-night parties have a ratio of 1:1. We also offer alternative lifestyle choice parties on different Thursday’s and Sunday’s throughout the month. Our guests range in age from 21 to mid 50’s.

While we encourage everyone to fulfill their personal fantasies, we do insist that members not ruin others’ fantasies in the process. Our club policies are founded on good manners and common sense: ask before you touch, ask once and only once, no means no and treat everyone with dignity. Failure to demonstrate good manners will result in your removal from the club.

This site provides easy access to information regarding events, club amenities, fees, and some of the most common questions. If after reviewing our site you still have further questions, please feel free to email us!!!!


ike qunn says:

ForAlloeonfW Times of operations rules for men
Sin dress for success to connect costs. Fees membership scheduls
When will mfm allowed

julie barnett says:

i would like some more info on ur club it sounds really fun and would like to check it out but dont find info on how much it is to join and what things go on when can u help me or direct me to a page that can

Robert says:

Is it first cum first serve basis to get in tonight? I have never been to a club like this. Do I apply online? Who , What where? Do I just show up at a certain time? Please advise.


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