{May 8, 2008}   Portland, Oregon has the World’s First: Vegan Strip Club

Here Portland, Oregon we have one of the highest saturation of strip clubs in the US. and now
P-town has the Title of having the world’s very first Vegan strip club.

A Mr. Johnny Diablo has opened the Casa Diablo, a strip club that offers “meat on the pole, not on the plate.” For 23 years Diablo has been a vegan, and claims that most of his strippers have similar tree-hugging views. Besides the fact that his new Club will feature a no meat menu, the dancers themselves are not allowed to wear furs, leather, or other animal made clothing.

The business goal here isn’t clear – it’s not as if a tree hugger needs incentives like a vegan menu and a no leather policy, to visit. Who really looks at the menu much anyway?

There has been mixed fellings about this club with hard core vegans Happy to suppot their cause. Some vegans are wondering about Diablo’s comediac comparison of Woman to meat.

Feminists and Lusbians are of course, furious.

Oh Yeah,, they don’t allow smoking either.

No Leather, no animals, and no smoking –

Let’s hope the dancers also dont have too much meat on the bones.


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