{October 5, 2008}   Stripper says she was fired over age

Kimberlee Ouwroulis, a 44-year-old exotic dancer from Stouffville
Kimberlee Ouwroulis, a 44-year-old exotic dancer from Stouffville, has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, alleging the owner of a Mississauga strip club fired her because she was too old.


Stouffville dancer told club going ‘younger’

Kimberlee Ouwroulis doesn’t believe her age should be a roadblock to success.
So, the 44-year-old adult dancer from Stouffville has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, alleging the owner of a Mississauga strip club fired her because she was too old.
“He told me that the club is going in a new direction with younger girls,” Ms Ouwroulis said. “That’s age discrimination to me.”
The complaint, filed Sept. 16 to the tribunal, alleges that John Sit, owner of the New Locomotion Strip Club on Matheson Blvd., got rid of Ms Ouwroulis back on June 6 because of her age.
The complaint also names other dancers as witnesses and Ms Ouwroulis said they, too, are preparing human rights complaints against the owner.
None of the allegations have been proven before a tribunal hearing.
Repeated calls to Mr. Sit weren’t returned yesterday.
Margaret Leighton, counsel to the chair of the human rights tribunal, confirmed the case is before the tribunal, but that a hearing date has yet to be set.
Ms Ouwroulis, who goes by the stage name Kristy, has been dancing for four years.
She worked at Locomotion for most of those four years and is now employed at a Pickering-area strip club.
The tribunal’s mandate is to resolve applications brought under the Ontario Human Rights Code.
Ms Ouwroulis will seek close to $100,000 in her application.
She said she earned close to $8,000 a month while at Locomotion and was one of the hardest-working and most-liked employees.
“I was the older girl but the girl who looked great,” she said. “I was never in trouble at work. I’ve never been reprimanded. I don’t have a criminal record … I am just a professional worker who takes dancing very seriously.”



Kimberlee Ouwroulis says:

Hello, I just noticed this website; and was shocked, this is me in the pic., (not a good pic I might add) I never thought anyone would care that me, and a few other older dancers were fired the same week, from John Sit at Locomotion, Mississauga. We believe that our Human Rights case, will help dancers in the future to maintain their jobs. Incidentally, we were all blond, caucasion, and over 40. It was really a shock, as we had all been very happy in our career, and all made great money. WE hope we will win our human rights case. Thank you

Dennis says:


Dennis says:


jGrrl says:

Kimberlee: this is soo totally unfair for you! I hope they lose this case and you get adequate compensation. You look fabulous and they’re pigs. I have known women here, in SJNB, ten (hell, even 20) years younger than you who aren’t even half as attractive and they never got fired! How dare they! Best of luck lady, I’m in your corner! {{{hugs}}}

morambler says:

Exotic Dancers have one of the most misunderstood jobs on the planet. If you want to see how truly ignorant people can be, go to a strip club and observe the patrons instead of the dancers. Next, watch the public’s reaction when a club wants to build in their town.

Dancers just do a job. When I was at the lowest point of my depression and my life, their company was the only thing that kept me sane! It was a mutually satisfactory arrangement, they needed cash, and I needed attention!

Kimberlee, there are a few of us who understand! Regardless of the outcome of your suit, the world is a better place for what you do, whether anyone but us recognizes it or not. Personally, I would much rather watch a mature dancer than a 20 something who still “knows it all”!

Be strong!

sweiland75 says:

I don’t see why you would be losing that business any money. I think you look great!

Kimberlee Ouwroulis says:

If you go to the c.b.c. website you can get a better pic., that one taken late one night after work; supposed to be a headshot; so I had on loose jeans and tight top….much better to have a pic. from other website because that was about 2 weeks before I was fired. You can email me direct at Kimberlee@rogers.com if you want newest info on case. Thank you

Laurie says:

Kim, you look fantastic. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Email me if you can tell what my email is, if not, I’ll reveal an email for you. I’m 57 years old and totally on your side. I would love it if you’d win the suit.


Larry says:

Do not see what the heck the strip club managers was doing but you are a hot babe. I would most def come out and see you in the club, your beautiful and a very hot body. Good luck and I hope you win your case and can shut that other club

Larry says:

do you have a website, would love to see some more pictures of you, not talking nude pics either.

Grumpy says:

Try to retire you wrinkly old hag!

You look good sweetie but I would suggest you retire young and save your looks for those who really care.
Your friends they love you but Jesus loves you best!

Bret says:

hey Im 5550 year old, I am not as sexy as I used to be, and niether are you, Get a grip, Retire you old hag

LJF1963 says:

Well, I must say Kimberlee, I would certainly pay to see you dance and anyone that would fire you must either be a total moron or have no idea what guys like. Of course, I would definately like to see you naked becase you are smokin’ hot!!!!!!!!

Max Truly says:

I believe Kimberlee is nice looking enough to be a stripper(I have seen some pretty ugly young ones)but this should be about the club owner’s right to employee whom ever he wants.It is his business and he is in business to make money not to provide jobs for those he feels does not fit his business plan.
Unfortunetly the freedom of businesses to hire or fire is almost completely gone in Canada and is in jeopardy in America now that we have a socialist president.
Kimberlee has the right to go to another club to strip(i am sure there are other clubs)if she so chooses, why shouldn’t the club owner have that same right?

Linda says:

I feel for you. I truely hope you win. I was a Stripper for 25 years. When I was in my forties and early fifties, I tried to get dancing jobs again. The wouldn’t hire me because of my age too. I looked about thirty five. In great shape and everything. I am sure you will win this case, if you don’t give up. I wish I thought of if before. I am now 57 years old. I can still out dance the younger women. Good luck.

Bunny says:

Disgraceful. I suffered a similar fate when I went for a job as a model. I was told I was too short, too fat, too old and too ugly. Do you think I could sue??? 😉

tom says:

Kimberlee,you are drop dead gorgeous. Come on down to sunny Ft.Lauderdale,be spoiled rotten,and never have to work again.

Oh yeah, your dames are bewitching however these are ready and willing. Check out Kristal Sietsma http://bit.ly/blPb0

hailey says:

Kim ruined my families life.

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