{October 18, 2008}   The baby in his lap was a stripper: S.C. man leaves infant daughter in car outside jiggle joint

The baby in his lap was a stripper: S.C. man leaves infant daughter in car outside jiggle joint

Maybe that family outing to Derriere’s Gentleman’s Club wasn’t such a great idea.

A South Carolina clan learned that hard lesson this week after cops busted a dad for leaving his sleeping 10-month-old daughter in a car while he delighted in a lap dance – and his stripper wife shook her stuff onstage.

Myrtle Beach police collared Geoffrey Hale on charges of unlawful conduct toward a child, accusing the 27-year-old handyman of shedding his fatherly duties in favor of a dancing lovely who shed her clothes while he puffed on a cigarette.

Hale was arrested Wednesday when cops received a call about a baby left unattended in a Lexus at Derriere’s, an all-nude flesh palace that bills itself as “unforgettable.”

“There is nobody in it and the radio is running, but there is like a 4- or 5-month baby in a carseat in the backseat of the car with no one in it,” a caller told 911.

Officer Joseph West ran a license plate search before stepping into Derriere’s to locate the car’s owner – but first he had to wait out the raunchy bump-and-grind Hale was enjoying.

“When the dancer left the table, I then asked the man his name and it was the suspect I was looking for,” West wrote in a police report. “I then asked him to step outside to talk with me.”

Hale then explained that his wife, Kara, strips at the club and that he was only there to pick up a phone from her. He told the cop he left the sleeping tot in the unlocked car – with the keys still in it – because he hadn’t wanted to take her inside the club.

West sent Hale to the slammer, and the baby home with her exotic-dancing mom.

“I can’t imagine driving to that parking lot with a 10-month-old in the car, let alone leaving a 10-month-old in the car,” Judge Clifford Welsh said before setting Hale’s bond at $10,000. “This is a shocking conduct.”

Kara Hale insisted her husband wasn’t getting a lap dance, adding that he was only waiting for her to finish her set.

“The whole thing with the lap dance is untrue,” she said. “I was there. I know he didn’t get one.”



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