{August 2, 2009}   Stripper accused of rape asked man if he enjoyed it: court

Stripper accused of rape asked man if he enjoyed it: court

Stripper Linda Naggs outside court.

A stripper asked a bucks night reveller if he “enjoyed it” after she allegedly raped him with a sex toy, a court has heard. Stripper Linda Maree Naggs, is charged with raping the best man during her performance at the party on the Mornington Peninsula in September 2007.

The groom’s brother, who had a front row seat for the performance, said the best man, who was naked and on all fours, suddenly became angry and pushed the stripper away. “Something had happened that upset him,” he told the Victorian County Court. “I heard her say to him, ‘Did you enjoy it?’.” The brother said he then intervened because he feared the best man “might do something silly”. “He said ‘I feel violated’ and I thought at the time it was humorous,” he said. Topless waitress Nicole Cleary was also part of the entertainment at the party.

She accepted a statement by Naggs’ lawyer Paul Higham that the party was awash with drugs. Ms Cleary said she was offered cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana. She described the party as “middle of the road”, telling the court she had been to bucks nights that were more out of control and others where revellers were better behaved. Naggs, of Rosebud West, has pleaded not guilty to one count of rape.

The trial before Judge Tim Wood continues on Monday.


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