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Shake that aspic!

We’re always thoroughly delighted when readers take us up on our vintage recipe challenges. Y’all came through with the Frank and Corn Crown. While the Aspic supper salad challenge garnered fewer entries, boy did they stand out.

Meet The Stripper Housewife a.k.a. burlesque performer Peekaboo Pointe. Not only is she the “Fastest Tassel-Twirler from East to West,” – she’s not afraid of a little bit of cold beef tongue.

The recipe, if you haven’t blocked it from your memory, was for a wiggly, jiggly gelatin mold shot through with chopped and shredded raw vegetables, nestled gently in a bed of cold luncheon meats. Per Peekaboo, well – it looks a lot better than it tastes.

peekaboo pointe

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I did it for you… and The Husband and I tried to eat it…but honestly, unless you are over 80 years old or you have an unhealthy love of Jell-)…it’s pretty bad. – peekaboopointe.blogspot.com

Caroline of My Fascinating Life: a glimpse into the seedy world of a stay at home mom had a slightly more savory experience (though her kids may beg to differ).


Says she:

Both of the boys ate the salad, but neither of them were crazy about it. They better suck it up though, because it’s going in their lunch box tomorrow. I ate some of it also, and I actually thought it was pretty good. Which is a good thing, because it looks like I’m going to be eating the rest of it (after lunches tomorrow). That’s okay, I’m used to being the garbage disposal of the family (expired yogurt, brown bananas and stale goldfish usually get cleaned up by me). – My Fascinating Life

While we suspect that she’s being a tad self-deprecating with the “the seedy world of a stay at home mom” subtitle of her blog, we’re calling shenanigans. Any mom who’s willing to tackle aspic for the sake of a little fun wears some pretty serious sassypants, so far as we’re concerned.

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Former senior federal judge Jack Camp should be treated “like every other similarly situated criminal” and sentenced to prison time, federal prosecutors say in a sentencing memo concerning his guilty plea to abetting a felon in the unlawful possession of drugs.

The defense blamed Camp’s untreated bipolar disorder (he instead received medication for depression) and a traumatic brain injury that allegedly adversely affected his impulse control for his decision to help a stripper buy drugs. But the Department of Justice Public Integrity Section pointed to Camp’s knowledge of criminal justice and leadership role on the bench in saying that he should serve some time, recounts the Daily Report in an article reprinted in New York Lawyer (reg. req.).

The DOJ did not, however, recommend any specific sentence for Camp in the Atlanta case, although it told the court it could enhance the sentence because of Camp’s background. His counsel is arguing for probation.

A U.S. Probation Office presentence investigation says the recommended range runs from a minimum 15 days to six months, the article continues.

The prosecution points out that Camp, who was initially accused of having firearms in his vehicle (one was reportedly not only loaded but cocked), although he did not plead guilty to any gun crime, could have gotten up to 10 years, and a five-year minimum term, if convicted of a federal gun charge.

Camp is scheduled to be sentenced Friday, according to the Times-Herald.

{March 16, 2011}   danger’s shoe flew!

AP A man has sued an Indianapolis strip club, saying a danger’s shoe flew off and chipped his teeth. Thirty-four-year-old Jake Quagliaroli says he was sitting about 20 feet from the stage at PT’s Showclub when the dancer’s shoe hit him earlier this

Ex-Detroit mayor denies any talk about stripper

DETROIT — Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, accused of obstructing the police investigation into the death of a stripper, testified Monday that the 2003 fatal shooting was never discussed among his administration and high-ranking officials.

Kilpatrick was in court to answer questions about what may have happened to his e-mail in 2002 and 2003. He offered his firmest public denial yet of any role in stifling the investigation, after more than two hours of testimony.

“Unequivocally, we never discussed Tamara Greene. It had absolutely nothing to do with us,” Kilpatrick said in response to friendly questioning by a city attorney.

Greene’s family is suing him and the city, claiming Kilpatrick squelched the investigation into her unsolved fatal shooting because she danced for him at a party months earlier in 2002. He denies it and insists there was no party. After six years of litigation, he called the lawsuit “frivolous” on Monday.

Kilpatrick, 40, was transported from a prison to federal court where he’s being held for violating probation in a criminal case. He’s also awaiting trial on separate fraud and tax and .

Kilpatrick spent much of his time in the witness chair jousting with Greene family attorney Norman Yatooma. He said Greene’s death was never a subject of any incoming or outgoing e-mail.

Kilpatrick said he would not know how to purge e-mails from the city’s serverhe’s and that hes not tech-savvy , countering suggestions that he may have deliberately deleted evidence. He said from 2002 to fall 2008 he had three computers when he was mayor,, but typically used only his City Hall computer.

“Unfortunately I rarely did computer work at all at home I’m not a computer guy. ,” Kilpatrick said.

He said mail in his inbox ranged from “`Happy birthday’ to `We need to cut grass at X park,’ and everything in between.”

Kilpatrick said city officials knew that text messages, not e-mail, were the way to get his attention. Indeed, sexually explicit messages with his chief of staff led to his ouster from City Hall.

As he questioned Kilpatrick, Yatooma was repeatedly reined in by U.S. Magistrate Judge R. Steven Whalen, who stopped him from asking about a confidential FBI report & limited the inquiry to e-mail from 2002 & 2003.

“What you’re doing with your questioning, you’re testifying. … I don’t want speeches,” Whalen told Yatooma at one point.

The city & Kilpatrick are asking, the Greene family’s lawsuit be dismissed. No one has been charged in Greene’s death, but the city has said her killer is in prison on an unrelated case.

PHOTO Michelle Bombshell McGee is shown in this file photo.

Michelle Bombshell McGee is shown in this file photo.”I grew up Amish but left the church when I was 16?I never looked back. I moved to LA and got tattooed,” she says.

(AP Photo/Courtesy designsontattoos)

If you were, say, Jesse James and had the good fortune to land a wife like Sandra Bullock, you’d probably never look at another woman for as long as you lived, right? Well, that appears not to be the case. So who is this woman, Michelle McGee, who says she allegedly had an 11-month affair with Jesse? Radar has been researching her extensively, and has put up multiple posts in the past 20 hours about her. After the jump, the highlights. But to whet your appetite: she’s an Amish stripper.

Yes, you heard that right. She says, “I grew up Amish but left the church when I was 16 — I never looked back. I moved to LA and got tattooed,” she says. Her favorite tat, on her forehead, reads, “Pray for us sinners because we are all sinners.”

Michelle reportedly entered the Miss Ink Contest in Las Vegas this year. Heck, even this girl’s armpits are inked, with roses and switchblades, natch. She’s a mother of two. How did two pregnancies not mess up all her stomach tattoos? And she is also a stripper. She’s worked in at least three clubs in San Diego over the past few years, under the name Michelle Bombshell. She’s currently dancing under the alias “Avrey” at Pure Platinum Kearny Mesa Club. She’s also posted racy photos of herself online, at the site SocalGlamourGirls.com.


She also reportedly told her boss all about Jesse James. Her boss says, “She told me that Jesse’s marriage to Sandra Bullock was for publicity, and that’s why he did Donald Trump’s show, ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ He never called on Sandra for money or influence because their marriage was a sham she said.”

{March 7, 2010}   Stripperland Radio

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A Jefferson County jury has awarded a former stripper $100,000 in a lawsuit in which she claimed the club that employed her failed to stop her from driving home after her on-the-job drinking. Patsy Hamaker of Bessemer was injured in a wreck after leaving work at The Furnace on Oct. 17, 2007. She said she can no longer dance because of her injuries.

Hamaker said the club disregarded its own safety rules when it let her drive home that night. Attorneys for the club argued that employees tried to keep Hamaker from driving away.

The Birmingham News reported that the jury award made Tuesday is for compensatory damages. No punitive damages were awarded.

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{December 29, 2009}   B4 Stripperland The Movie

MOBILE PHONE – Exclusive Behind the Scenes footage of I am Virgin w/Ron Jeremy


Tiger Woods is rumored to have had an affair with Jamie Jungers, among about a dozen other women. New reports have surfaced that Jungers has recently been a stripper.

Jamie Jungers picModel Jamie Jungers has recently appeared on Today and Dateline NBC in connection with golfer Tiger Woods and his alleged affairs with some 13 women around the United States. But weeks before she made those high-profile appearances, calling herself a “model,” she was apparently stripping at a posh Las Vegas club called Badda Bing.

RadarOnline.com recently reported this and more – including comments from club boss Rick Delcastro. He said the blonde and curvy Jungers danced at the joint for two months and then stopped showing up.

“I fired her because she didn’t show up for two weeks,” Delcastro told RadarOnline. “Then I saw her on TV being interviewed about Tiger Woods and she had gained so much weight I didn’t recognize her. She got greedy and she got sloppy and she went out there and talked. I could lose good customers with people like that. I’m just glad she left.”

Delcastro described Badda Bing as a $30 million, “five-diamond” gentleman’s club not in need of bad word-of-mouth. “What goes on upstairs, stays upstairs.”

He added that when he saw Jungers on television, telling tales of fun with Tiger Woods, he was alarmed at how she looked compared to when she was stripping.

“She has put so much weight on I wouldn’t let her in the door of my club now, but she was a beautiful bunny,” he said. “You can’t take the stripper out of the stripper and if Tiger’s wife sees this girl she’ll go over the deep end.”

Comparing older photos to the recent Today appearance, Jungers indeed looks heavier – a beautiful woman sporting maybe around 15 more pounds, from the looks of it. She allegedly met Woods in 2005 and carried on with him for more than a year. During that time, one item he lavished on her – among a possible slew of gifts – was plastic surgery. Life & Style magazine reported that Woods gave Jungers thousands of dollars for liposuction on her thighs.

She may have recently been a model, or a stripper, or both. But as Jungers makes herself visible in the fray of the biggest golf scandal of all time, she currently appears a tad heavy to meet the standards of either modeling or stripping.


Stripper accused of rape asked man if he enjoyed it: court

Stripper Linda Naggs outside court.

A stripper asked a bucks night reveller if he “enjoyed it” after she allegedly raped him with a sex toy, a court has heard. Stripper Linda Maree Naggs, is charged with raping the best man during her performance at the party on the Mornington Peninsula in September 2007.

The groom’s brother, who had a front row seat for the performance, said the best man, who was naked and on all fours, suddenly became angry and pushed the stripper away. “Something had happened that upset him,” he told the Victorian County Court. “I heard her say to him, ‘Did you enjoy it?’.” The brother said he then intervened because he feared the best man “might do something silly”. “He said ‘I feel violated’ and I thought at the time it was humorous,” he said. Topless waitress Nicole Cleary was also part of the entertainment at the party.

She accepted a statement by Naggs’ lawyer Paul Higham that the party was awash with drugs. Ms Cleary said she was offered cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana. She described the party as “middle of the road”, telling the court she had been to bucks nights that were more out of control and others where revellers were better behaved. Naggs, of Rosebud West, has pleaded not guilty to one count of rape.

The trial before Judge Tim Wood continues on Monday.


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