{January 18, 2011}   Stripper given fake $50 bill

A Deja Vu stripper was given a counterfeit $50 bill as a tip late Saturday.

A man who is a disc jockey at the club, located at 3220 Lake Plaza Drive, flagged down a Springfield police officer at Fifth Street and North Grand Avenue about 8:10 a.m. Sunday. The man said one of the dancers, who is known as “Natalia” received a $50 tip from a customer.
The DJ told police that neither he nor the stripper knew the customer’s identity, police said. “Natalia” showed the DJ the $50 bill and it appeared to be copied on regular paper and was smaller than legal tender.

Tiger Woods is rumored to have had an affair with Jamie Jungers, among about a dozen other women. New reports have surfaced that Jungers has recently been a stripper.

Jamie Jungers picModel Jamie Jungers has recently appeared on Today and Dateline NBC in connection with golfer Tiger Woods and his alleged affairs with some 13 women around the United States. But weeks before she made those high-profile appearances, calling herself a “model,” she was apparently stripping at a posh Las Vegas club called Badda Bing.

RadarOnline.com recently reported this and more – including comments from club boss Rick Delcastro. He said the blonde and curvy Jungers danced at the joint for two months and then stopped showing up.

“I fired her because she didn’t show up for two weeks,” Delcastro told RadarOnline. “Then I saw her on TV being interviewed about Tiger Woods and she had gained so much weight I didn’t recognize her. She got greedy and she got sloppy and she went out there and talked. I could lose good customers with people like that. I’m just glad she left.”

Delcastro described Badda Bing as a $30 million, “five-diamond” gentleman’s club not in need of bad word-of-mouth. “What goes on upstairs, stays upstairs.”

He added that when he saw Jungers on television, telling tales of fun with Tiger Woods, he was alarmed at how she looked compared to when she was stripping.

“She has put so much weight on I wouldn’t let her in the door of my club now, but she was a beautiful bunny,” he said. “You can’t take the stripper out of the stripper and if Tiger’s wife sees this girl she’ll go over the deep end.”

Comparing older photos to the recent Today appearance, Jungers indeed looks heavier – a beautiful woman sporting maybe around 15 more pounds, from the looks of it. She allegedly met Woods in 2005 and carried on with him for more than a year. During that time, one item he lavished on her – among a possible slew of gifts – was plastic surgery. Life & Style magazine reported that Woods gave Jungers thousands of dollars for liposuction on her thighs.

She may have recently been a model, or a stripper, or both. But as Jungers makes herself visible in the fray of the biggest golf scandal of all time, she currently appears a tad heavy to meet the standards of either modeling or stripping.


It’s good to be the king of the water. That’s at least according to a lap dancer named Theresa, who recently sold a story to British tabloid News of the World involving herself, another woman, and deliciously randy swimming star and admitted (former?) pothead Michael Phelps, who reportedly treated the two dames to a long night of passionately X-rated bouncy-bouncy last November.

Theresa, a 34D Latina (according to the publication), reportedly met Phelps and several of his buddies when the group patronized the strip club at which she works in Phelps’ hometown of Baltimore. “They were there a couple of hours and asked three of us back. Michael was a bad tipper but he was nice to me, although he was kind of mean and cocky to some of the girls,” she told the tabloid.

Back at Phelps’ million dollar-plus pad (on, appropriately, the waterfront) Theresa asked the virile amphibian the innocent question, “If you were to have a threesome tonight, who would you like it to be with?” As apparently Phelps’ well-documented passion for marijuana bong hits (first published, incidentally, in a smarmy British tabloid called – you guessed it – “News of the World“) has dampened neither his libido nor his common sense, the multiple gold medal winner selected the seductive stripper and another of her friends.

Theresa“Everybody else stayed put while we went upstairs and jumped into bed…. The sex lasted for about three hours. Michael should get another Olympic gold for marathon love-making!” said the sound bite-happy dancer.

Theresa didn’t stop at that either, telling the tabloid of Phelps’ newfound love…of booze and dope. “He tried to get some [pot] for me one night but couldn’t find any.” While he refused to take her out on a regular date in public, he did treat her to a value meal at Taco Bell (although any friend of the hookah might recognize the genius in such a choice).

“Michael’s not the all-American boy the public thinks he is. I never saw him smoke marijuana but he was into booze and chewing tobacco. When he’s been drinking that’s usually when he starts crying. He cries a lot,” she added.

Phelps, who has recently been linked to Opposite Marriage crusader and erstwhile Miss California USA Carrie Prejean (although he denies the match-up), is, perhaps not surprisingly, reportedly something of a fan of the ladies. “When I ran into another girl called Jen at a party it turned out he was sleeping with BOTH of us. And I’ve heard that there are at least five or six girls he can call on any time to come over and be with him,” Theresa told News of the World.

“He’s a person I can just hook up with and it doesn’t bother me,” Theresa said. “But I don’t see a future between us. His mother would never approve.”

Good morning, Baltimore!


Woman convicted in 2007 after infecting husband

OTTAWA – An HIV-infected stripper who infected her husband faces possible deportation from Canada after being convicted of criminal negligence and aggravated assault for knowingly passing on the virus that causes AIDS.

 In a ruling released Tuesday, the Federal Court dismissed a challenge from Suwalee Iamkhong, who came to Canada from Hong Kong on a work visa in 1995 to work as an exotic dancer in Toronto.

Originally from Thailand, Iamkhong met Canadian Percy Whiteman soon after arriving in Canada and she married him in 1997. She had already tested positive for HIV in Hong Kong, but she not reveal her status to her husband until she fell ill and was hospitalized in 2004. Iamkhong, 39, was sentenced in August 2007 to three years in prison after being convicted of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and aggravated assault. Federal Court Justice Russel Zinn ruled against Iamkhong in her challenge to a report, prepared by Immigration officials, finding her inadmissable to Canada on grounds of having a criminal record that garnered a sentence of more than two years. A report, by law, must be prepared for the federal immigration minister before he makes a decision on whether to deport.Zinn noted that non-citizens may be removed from Canada if they have been convicted of “serious criminality, as the applicant has.”At her trial in January 2007, Iamkhong failed to convince the court that she did not believe she had HIV, despite the positive test result in Hong Kong. She argued that she mistakenly thought she had been tested in Canada for immigration purposes and found to be HIV-negative.


Three teenage Michigan girls ran away to Elyria, Ohio, staying with 20-year-old couple they met in a strip club.

October 30, 2008: Chronicle-Telegram: The girls, who were being held at the Juvenile Detention Home, were picked up Monday after two of the girls were stopped after a sheriff’s deputy saw a cigarette box being tossed from the car in which they were riding.

As it turned out, the vehicle–a Hyundai Tucson–had been reported stolen from Burton, Mich. Inside, deputies found the two girls with two Elyria men, ages 18 and 19. The men were let go, and the girls were charged with receiving stolen property and confirmed as runaways, according to deputies.

The girls led police to the third girl, a 15-year-old.

A man and woman in the home, both 20, told deputies they were letting the three girls stay with them. They’d met the 15-year-old–they said they thought she was 18 or 19–while she was “stripping at Club 57,” according to a police report.

A search of the girls’ belongings turned up a BB gun and a digital camera with pictures and videos of them inside the stolen SUV.


The baby in his lap was a stripper: S.C. man leaves infant daughter in car outside jiggle joint

Maybe that family outing to Derriere’s Gentleman’s Club wasn’t such a great idea.

A South Carolina clan learned that hard lesson this week after cops busted a dad for leaving his sleeping 10-month-old daughter in a car while he delighted in a lap dance – and his stripper wife shook her stuff onstage.

Myrtle Beach police collared Geoffrey Hale on charges of unlawful conduct toward a child, accusing the 27-year-old handyman of shedding his fatherly duties in favor of a dancing lovely who shed her clothes while he puffed on a cigarette.

Hale was arrested Wednesday when cops received a call about a baby left unattended in a Lexus at Derriere’s, an all-nude flesh palace that bills itself as “unforgettable.”

“There is nobody in it and the radio is running, but there is like a 4- or 5-month baby in a carseat in the backseat of the car with no one in it,” a caller told 911.

Officer Joseph West ran a license plate search before stepping into Derriere’s to locate the car’s owner – but first he had to wait out the raunchy bump-and-grind Hale was enjoying.

“When the dancer left the table, I then asked the man his name and it was the suspect I was looking for,” West wrote in a police report. “I then asked him to step outside to talk with me.”

Hale then explained that his wife, Kara, strips at the club and that he was only there to pick up a phone from her. He told the cop he left the sleeping tot in the unlocked car – with the keys still in it – because he hadn’t wanted to take her inside the club.

West sent Hale to the slammer, and the baby home with her exotic-dancing mom.

“I can’t imagine driving to that parking lot with a 10-month-old in the car, let alone leaving a 10-month-old in the car,” Judge Clifford Welsh said before setting Hale’s bond at $10,000. “This is a shocking conduct.”

Kara Hale insisted her husband wasn’t getting a lap dance, adding that he was only waiting for her to finish her set.

“The whole thing with the lap dance is untrue,” she said. “I was there. I know he didn’t get one.”


Kimberlee Ouwroulis, a 44-year-old exotic dancer from Stouffville
Kimberlee Ouwroulis, a 44-year-old exotic dancer from Stouffville, has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, alleging the owner of a Mississauga strip club fired her because she was too old.


Stouffville dancer told club going ‘younger’

Kimberlee Ouwroulis doesn’t believe her age should be a roadblock to success.
So, the 44-year-old adult dancer from Stouffville has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, alleging the owner of a Mississauga strip club fired her because she was too old.
“He told me that the club is going in a new direction with younger girls,” Ms Ouwroulis said. “That’s age discrimination to me.”
The complaint, filed Sept. 16 to the tribunal, alleges that John Sit, owner of the New Locomotion Strip Club on Matheson Blvd., got rid of Ms Ouwroulis back on June 6 because of her age.
The complaint also names other dancers as witnesses and Ms Ouwroulis said they, too, are preparing human rights complaints against the owner.
None of the allegations have been proven before a tribunal hearing.
Repeated calls to Mr. Sit weren’t returned yesterday.
Margaret Leighton, counsel to the chair of the human rights tribunal, confirmed the case is before the tribunal, but that a hearing date has yet to be set.
Ms Ouwroulis, who goes by the stage name Kristy, has been dancing for four years.
She worked at Locomotion for most of those four years and is now employed at a Pickering-area strip club.
The tribunal’s mandate is to resolve applications brought under the Ontario Human Rights Code.
Ms Ouwroulis will seek close to $100,000 in her application.
She said she earned close to $8,000 a month while at Locomotion and was one of the hardest-working and most-liked employees.
“I was the older girl but the girl who looked great,” she said. “I was never in trouble at work. I’ve never been reprimanded. I don’t have a criminal record … I am just a professional worker who takes dancing very seriously.”


{September 24, 2008}   Stripper’s demand backed

A BEHAVIOURAL expert has backed a stripper’s call to ban touching in the city’s men’s clubs to protect the dancers’ safety.

</strong>  Stripper

Keep them to yourself: Stripper “Cherry” refuses to work in Cairns strip clubs which allow patrons to touch the dancers.

Cherry, 27, said she was disgusted and appalled on her return to Cairns to find both the city’s clubs allowed punters to grope the dancers above the waist.

She said there was enough stigma attached to being a dancer without the public thinking she allowed men to touch her breasts.

Addiction Help Agency director Margaret Renfrey, who is a behavioural and mental health professional, said the touching rules allowed punters to get too close, taking the performance to a whole different level.

“Touching a person’s body breaks down a psychological and physical boundary.

“Once you touch someone, that barrier is broken,’’ Ms Renfrey said.

She suggested the rules also allowed men to get too aroused.

“It’s about the safety of the strippers.

“If someone is so highly aroused, where do they take it when they leave?”

While Queensland legislation allows touching of the body, but not the genitals, in strip clubs, Cherry said the clubs should show more respect for professionals.

“I’ve been doing this for 10 years. But this takes the power away from the girls.’’

Covergirls and Toybox both feature touching and non-touching dancers.

Cherry walked off the job after one night at Toybox and wants dancers to know they can perform in cities like Townsville or Mackay without the threat of being touched.

{September 20, 2008}   Stripped of illusions in Tualatin

A mong the throng, 250 strong, that jammed the Tualatin police station Tuesday night to protest the imminent arrival of Stars Cabaret were at least two first-time visitors to town.

The first was Claude Dacorsi, who is on tap to manage the strip club. His back to the wall, Dacorsi seemed baffled the crowd didn’t appreciate Stars’ commitment to community values and working women.

The other newcomer to Tualatin? That would be reality. With police Chief Kent Barker on hand but helpless to intervene, reality slapped these folks around for two hours, stripping them of the illusion that the law, the Legislature or their local government — not to mention 21 years of unbridled obscenity in Oregon — will assist in their desperate fight to keep Stars Cabaret in Beaverton, where it clearly belongs.

The room was thick with anger and apprehension when the town meeting began. Dozens of citizens arrived convinced that concerns about public safety and prostitution, and the proximity of schools and family-friendly businesses, were sufficient to stop Stars from moving into the disheveled tavern — Out of the Blues — on Southwest McEwan Road.

They were convinced, in other words, that Tualatin is not subject to the market forces and court decisions that have governed the rest of Oregon for the past 21 years.

In 1987, the Oregon Supreme Court took a long look at Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and decreed obscenity is perfectly legal.

The court having also ruled that dance — whether a James Canfield ballet or a lap waltz at the Acropolis — was protected expression, strip clubs began busting out all over.

As countless little towns soon discovered, nude bars and adult video parlors are more than welcome in any commercial zone. Attempts to regulate those lewd expressions were quickly struck down by the courts.

What the court allows, attorney Charles Hinkle notes, is the “regulation of an adult business if you can establish it has a negative, deleterious effect on the area. Government can say that no commercial enterprise can exist on Sandy Boulevard, for example, if it attracts an undesirable amount of traffic, diminishes the property values in the area or becomes the locus of criminal activity.

“Of course,” Hinkle adds, “you can’t just say the sky is falling. We’ve had adult bookstores and dancing establishments in every metro area since 1987. The opponents can’t come up with a shred of evidence these establishments have a negative effect on the neighborhood, and they’ve had 21 years to try.”

For a reality check, I called Detective Pam Judge, a Beaverton police spokeswoman, and asked whether that city’s Stars Cabaret was the local hub of criminal activity.

“I can’t say we’ve had any more problems there than we have with any other business in the area,” Judge said. Prostitution, she added, is not an issue in the neighborhood.

Tualatin is not completely helpless in its fight against Stars, and bubbles of creative thought eventually surfaced Tuesday. Scott Mitton suggested making the property owner a better offer, and Tom Kruger envisioned flooding the place with protesters who “buy the minimum one drink and don’t tip the dancers.”

The line of volunteers may be already forming.

But I wouldn’t count on an assist from Oregon voters. Three times in the past 20 years, Hinkle notes, the voters have been asked to amend the Constitution to allow for the regulation of sexually oriented businesses through zoning . . . and three times the voters have said, “No, thanks.”

How Tualatin voted when Stars Cabaret was not yet a twinkle in its eye, I can only imagine.


WATERBURY — A 21-year-old exotic dancer found unconscious in a bathroom Saturday night at Mr. Happy’s Cafe, a strip club on Homer Street, died Sunday at Waterbury Hospital, police said.

According to Lt. Christopher Corbett, a police spokesman, the woman is a city resident, but he declined to release her name until an autopsy can be completed. The procedure is scheduled for today.

An employee at the club found the woman unconscious, but breathing at about 10:30 p.m., Corbett said. There are no signs of foul play in connection with her death, he added.

“We are investigating the possibility it was a drug overdose,” he said.

The woman was hospitalized Saturday after she was found in the bathroom, but died Sunday, he said. Family members have been notified of her death.

The club has been the scene of police and fire calls, including two small fires in 2005 and 2006 that sent customers and scantily clad women into the parking lot.


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