17180 SE McLoughlin
Milwaukie, OR 97267
503/ 654.9366

Located in: Gresham & Milwaukie

Extra-Vegas, slicker-than-slick showcase with fine, fine ladies dancing in three racks, plus a semi-private couch-lined VIP/lap dance tier, and a superduper sound system. A well-stocked humidor for your stogie needs, and a convivial square bar staffed by good-looking, top-notch barkeeps who are pretty damn entertaining in their own right. Daily drink and food specials, + dollar lap dances offered nightly. Well from $4.25. Open till 2:30am everyday, food till close. Home of the Miss Nude Oregon pageant (held in July). Sundays: Free buffet (starts at 9pm). Never a cover, one drink minimum per person.
good times
i have been to many clubs and most sucked and it has been a few years since i have been to one an im glad that the dolphin is the one my friend and i went to… the girls are great in every way looks shape personality. Mia is amazing on the pole and off ) she has got to be my fav out of all the girls i saw in those 2 nights. The drinks were good the staff was awesome. It feels good when u go in there and its only your second time and they remember u. this place ROCKS!!HOT CHICKS, BUT BE PREPARED to spend Lots of Money.
Done with the Dolphin

To explain why I’m done with my favorite club, let’s take a second to go over my tab from the Dolphin I the other night:

Cover: $5
Beer: $5 including tip x 2
Singles while at the rack: $30
Couch dances: $60

What is that? $105? And of that, the club, I’m guessing, cleared at least $60. Just for argument, let’s say they only cleared $50. After a few hours in there, I’d grown tired of beer and wanted to switch to water. I’ve done it literally hundreds of times before. I’ll walk up to the bar (waitresses *always* overcharge for a glass of water), ask for a glass of ice water, the bartender hands me the glass, I slide her a buck, and I get on with my night. No muss. No fuss.

Well apparently you can’t get a glass of ice water at the Dolphin anymore. Now you get a 20 oz bottle of water for $4.50. It took me a second to process that. Here they’ve just made somewhere between $50 and $75 on me and now they want another $4.75 on a bottle that cost them maybe $.50? There’s no way. Especially when it’s cheaper to drink beer.

I guess they’re keeping up with the Jones’. And that’s fine. I’ll go find another favorite place that’ll let me sober up for free.

Posted by Richard Thruster, filed under Dolphin I. Date: December 31, 2007, 1:48 pm | 3 Comments »


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