Reader B writes:

You mentioned how crazy it was or some such thing and said to remind you for a review…well, here is a reminder! I always wondered about that place, went in once, played a game of pool and it felt like another dimension. my friend was asked if he had any coke and if he wanted sex – in a matter of 45 minutes. jeez!

Yikes! I’ve wondered about that place for a while now too. My experience wasn’t nearly that interesting, but it was certainly a curious one. I was in there back in July or so. Weird weird place. First off, it’s located in a weird spot on 3rd Ave underneath the Golden Dragon. Second, there always seems to be zero traffic. Third… well, let me tell you my story.

Like I said, this was back in July. It was the same night I reviewed the Cabaret I. I’d strategically parked my car on 3rd so I’d have to walk back by Carnaval on the way back. Walking in, I could tell this would be a different experience. The guy at the cash register asked for a $7 cover, which for a juice bar is extremely cheap. I paid my admission and walked around the screen into a nearly empty room. A suicide girl was on stage twirling glow balls and trying to look artistic while naked. Like Jenny Gump meets Elvira or something. Only she had a short bleach blonde pixie haircut. And she was thin. Next to no body. Sometimes those things haven’t developed when you’re underage.

Anyway, there was no one at the rail. Just a couple toward the back and two slack-jawed teenagers off to the side who never blinked. Judging by their look, I’m guessing these may have been the first naked girls they’ve seen. That took me back. I made my way over to the bar for the requisite gouging. The server told me it would be $3 for a cup of Diet Pepsi.

Three bucks! Wait a minute! $7 to get in. $3 for a soda. And no one at the rail. How do these people make their money? Something’s fishy.

I parked myself at the end of the stage nearest the door and waited for the show. Next up was Mercedes. A Brunette, as I recall. A good looking body, but she wasn’t that into me. Instead the couple from the back of the room made their way to the stage and took in the show. Fine, I figured. More time to check the place out. Along the north wall there was a series of small rooms for the private dances. All of them had doors for privacy. In most places, even the VIP room isn’t completely walled off with a door.

Mercedes left and up came The Fat One. I can’t remember her name, but I do remember the baby phat oozing off of her from every angle. She took an immediate interest in me and started hammering me for a dance.

“What’s involved in a dance?” I asked.

“Well,” she replied, “we go back into one of those rooms. I get naked. You get naked. And we play with ourselves.”

“What?” I asked and she stroked my head with one hand and her breast with another.

“We’ll have so much fun,” she purred.

“What if I don’t want to get naked?”

“You don’t have to. You can do whatever you want.”

Yeee…. I didn’t plan on it, but evidently I’d wandered into one of those “jack shacks”. No further explanation needed. I’d heard about these places, but had never actually been in one.

I let TFO finish her dance and waited for Chloe to hit the stage. Chloe was by far the cutest of the bunch. And she was friendly too. Not TFO friendly. Just friendly. She also worked me for a dance. I thought I’d give it a whirl with her, only I’d be keeping my pants on.

“How much is one of these private dances?”

“Well, we can do a half-hour for $150 or fifteen-minutes for $110.”


“I have a little vibrator I put on my clit,” she continued, “it’s a lot of fun.”

“I bet it is, but I think I’ll pass.”

Wow. Now I understood where the money was. $150 for a half-hour and she won’t touch me? Huh. If you go to Craigslist, you’ll find any number of girls willing to do a whole lot more for the same $150. I’ve never done anything like that, but like any other single Craigslister, I’ve certainly checked them out. It’s just like reading the old Willamette Week.

No one offered me any drugs or any sex. I could see though where a place like that may lend itself to such activities. Wow. I guess I’m gonna have to be a little more selective about some of the places I visit.

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